List of Partner Companies for Internships
  • AXA China Region Insurance Company Limited (Insurance)
  • BASF (Chemical)
  • Citibank Hong Kong (Finance)
  • Citic Capital (Finance)
  • China International Capital Corporation Limited (Finance)
  • Commonwealth Bank (Finance)
  • CryptoBLK Limited (Technology)
  • Duff & Phelps (Consultancy & Professional Services)
  • Estee Lauder (FMCG)
  • ExxonMobil (Energy)
  • Fosun (Conglomerate and Investment)
  • Fresenius Medical Care Asia Pacific Ltd (Medical)
  • GAP (FMCG)
  • HQ Capital Asia Limited (Finance)
  • Invesco (Finance)
  • JP Morgan (Finance)
  • Kering Asia Pacific Limited (Luxury)
  • Lalamove (Logistics)
  • Marriot International (Hospitality)
  • New Frontier (Finance)
  • Pearson Education Asia Limited (Education & Learning)
  • PwC China Holding Limited (Consultancy & Professional Services)
  • Sensetime Group Limited (Technology)
  • SF Express (Logistics)
  • Schneider Electric (Energy)
  • Tata Consultancy Services Limited (Consultancy & Professional Services)
  • Tencent (Technology)
  • Unilever (FMCG)

Internship Testimonials

I attended the J.P.Morgan Associate Program info session held on Zoom. Then I applied through the company’s website within Hong Kong associate programme in careers section.

I got the BASF internship opportunity from a classmate referral. Prior to that, the CDT team had also recommended and referred a few other internship opportunities to me. I had worked closely with my career manager so that she knew what job functions or industries I was interested in and helped me connect with key people. The career services team helped me find the opportunity through networking events, alumni recommendation, mentorship programme, as well as direct outreach.
The internship opportunity was referred to me by the HKU MBA team who have long understood my desire to expand my knowledge beyond my banking career in the finance industry. The career services team helped me find my internship through direct outreach.

The whole job searching experience for my internship was interesting. I managed to learn so much about the company culture from my mentor who is in a very senior position at Citibank. He told me about the work culture, the function of the team and the vision of the company from a top management’s perspective. I have to say my mentor boosted my interest in working for Citibank.
My mentor from the HKU MBA Mentorship programme introduced me to this company and is also my boss now. During the mentorship sessions I told him I wanted to learn more about marketing. When my mentor started his own business and posted pictures on his Instagram about one of the ongoing projects. I showed my interest in doing research on the brand and competitors. My mentor then suggested that I join his company as a marketer so that I can further develop and utilise my skill sets as a salesperson.

My name is Fang Xie, and I am currently doing my internship at Roland Berger, Hong Kong as a Management Consultant intern. My internship will be for 6 months until August 2021. The internship has allowed me to gain hands-on experience in the management consulting industry and has helped to equip me for my future role as before this internship, I had no experience in consulting and becoming a management consultant was my only post-MBA goal. This internship will make me fully prepared for my future full-time consultant life.
I started my MBA together with an internship at Blueflower, a niche luxury travel management company. The HKU MBA Career Development and Training team organised many workshops with different people and industries. A guest speaker connected me with a person who works at Blueflower which is how I got in.

Throughout my MBA journey, I have been mentored by the Vice President and General Manager of Asia 5, a Multinational Corporation Pharmaceutical company, who helped me land my current internship at leading Asian pharmaceutical distributor; DCH Auriga.

My time spent in Hong Kong as a full-time MBA student was rather unconventional and it came as no surprise that the summer internship with an international financial institution based in Hong Kong would be one too. The duration of the internship was shortened to half and has turn into virtual mode by working in a remote professional setting like how most of the colleagues within the organisation have adopted due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

I am currently doing the Full-time MBA programme and have recently completed an internship at international sports group, AquaBloom. After having worked in the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry in the USA, where I went on to run my own business, I decided to pursue my MBA, in order to acquire and enhance knowledge and skills in technology related to the F&B services industry.

As a current student in HKU’s MBA full-time programme, I had the opportunity to intern in the product management department at PwC Hong Kong & China. Thanks to HKU’s career services team I was able to meet alumnus Sidharta Vaasan at a networking event, who gave me step-by-step guidance on how to secure my internship position. As PwC is a large scale corporate I received direction on which business unit to approach, and after collecting contact information, Sidhartha and I collaborated together on developing a strategy to reach the appropriate contacts.

During my internship at CryptoBLK, I was given the opportunity to take on multiple projects, seeing them through from ideation to fruition. My role during this internship was primarily focused on project management and supporting management with their ideas, by developing a minimal viable product and providing feedback. Turning full-time opened up a broader perspective, allowing me to experience the full realm of ideation, from testing to product launch. Learning the process of testing stages during my internship prepared me for my current role, where I communicate with engineers, as well as customers and collaborators.
I joined Crypto Block as an intern last November. The internship was arranged by HKU’s MBA Career Services team. At Crypto Block, I was given the opportunity to explore different projects related to FinTech. Though I had a great interest in the fast growing and new generation industry, I found it hard to understand the technical areas during my internship. I took the elective course in FinTech after my completion of internship at Crypto Block, where I managed to gain a deeper understanding of the technical concepts. This helped me with the projects I managed in my internship at Crypto Block.
During my second semester I got the opportunity to work as a product manager intern with Hong Kong’s largest energy and utility company, CLP Holdings. Big THANKS to the networking sessions and the HKU careers team!

I graduated from Hong Kong University’s Full-time MBA programme in 2019. During my time as a student I also completed an internship opportunity at Fresenius Medical Care, the leading provider of products and services for people with chronic key failure. My role as a Business Strategy Intern was to apply what I learned from my MBA to a real business, with a practical approach. I was in charge of overseeing emerging markets such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia, and driving growth in the hemodialysis market.
I worked as a business development intern at Sensetime, a Hong Kong technology company specializing in AI visioning, from February to May 2019. My duty was supporting the other members in the BD team in researching on opportunities in AI+Education in the Bay Area, briefing our company on exhibitions, and finishing and processing sale contracts among other ways. It was a very short internship before my exchange in Columbia Business School.

I graduated from Hong Kong University’s Full-time MBA Programme in 2018. During my time as a student here I had the opportunity to intern at Pearson Education Asia, where I worked as a Corporate Venture Lead from March to November of 2018. This encompassed many things. Namely, I was responsible for planning, prototyping and piloting internal Ed-Tech ventures housed by Pearson’s Tomorrow’s Market Incubator; a corporate level initiative set up to drive new market opportunities globally.