Paul Liu

Internship Testimonials

Class of 2022

Paul Liu

Pre-MBA Job Title

Analyst, HSBC

Internship Company

BASF, Global Strategy and Market Intelligence Intern

Post-MBA Job Title

Assistant Manager, Cathay Pacific

Please describe your experience searching for an internship.

I got the BASF internship opportunity from a classmate referral. Prior to that, the CDT team had also recommended and referred a few other internship opportunities to me. I had worked closely with my career manager so that she knew what job functions or industries I was interested in and helped me connect with key people. The career services team helped me find the opportunity through networking events, alumni recommendation, mentorship programme, as well as direct outreach.

What was the duration of the internship?

4 months, March to June 2022

Could you describe your internship experience?

I joined the Global Strategy and Market Intelligence team in BASF’s Dispersions and Resins division in Hong Kong. During the internship, I was involved in multiple projects, from key account analysis, to market size review, and even identifying growth opportunities for our sustainable product portfolio. Despite being an intern, I was given a lot of autonomy to work on the projects and had many opportunities to work with senior management.

What are the key lessons and skills you gained from your internship?

The chemical industry is an entirely new and foreign field to me as I came from a finance and banking background. Since I often had to work with technical experts and senior business leaders, I had to be a quick learner by grasping technical knowledge as quickly as possible and to understand how current affairs could impact our business. I even learned Power BI from scratch with the support of my colleagues, and created a tool to analyze and visualize business performance.

How did the internship experience shape your career path and equip you for your future roles?

The internship has boosted my confidence in navigating through unfamiliar territories at work. Although it could be daunting and stressful at first, but that is what we will have to do as we move up the ladder.

What advice would you give to current and future MBA students on how to get the most out of their internship?

I would say keep an open mind when looking for internship opportunities. Unless you are very determined to enter a specific industry, try something new and different for your internship. The experiences could be much more rewarding than you would imagine.