Full-time MBA

Full-time MBA

Programme Details

The HKU Full-time MBA is an intensive 1-year programme with three tracks: the London track, New York track, and Hong Kong/China track.

The University of Hong Kong and its prestigious MBA programme play a significant role in the business culture of Hong Kong and Mainland China. Today's MBA students seek an approach that prepares them for success both regionally and internationally, providing them with a first-class education, real-world experience, and a deep understanding of international business and cultural differences. HKU's Full-time MBA programme is specifically designed to achieve these outcomes, with a focus on Asia-Pacific and China that gives our students a unique advantage in building their careers in the region and beyond.

Our Curriculum

Designed by a world-class, award-winning faculty, the Full-time MBA curriculum not only provides students with a first-class experience, but also equips them with real-world knowledge and a deep understanding of Asian and international business.

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