Aakriti Jain

Internship Testimonials

Class of 2020

Aakriti Jain

Pre-MBA Job Title

Key Account Sales Executive, Jet Airways, India

Internship Company

MBA Intern, BCW Group, Hong Kong

Post-MBA Job Title

Sales & Marketing Director, BCW Group, Hong Kong

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a creative strategist who loves learning from diverse experiences. I’ve studied in 4 countries – India, USA, Hong Kong & the UK. I worked in the aviation industry which sparked my curiosity in working and studying in Asia and hence I chose to do my MBA at HKU.

I am now working at BCW group as the Sales and Marketing Director. It is a Fintech focused strategic consultancy specialising in 3 inter-connected disciplines: digital payments, digital assets and distributed ledger technology. My role is to liaise between business development, global partnerships and growth-related initiatives. Other duties include leading consulting initiatives for top tier accounts and industry leaders and handling all marketing communications for the company.

Can you tell us more about your first internship at Blueflower?

I started my MBA together with an internship at Blueflower, a niche luxury travel management company. The HKU MBA Career Development and Training team organised many workshops with different people and industries. A guest speaker connected me with a person who works at Blueflower which is how I got in.

It was a very interesting experience to balance the MBA with starting an internship as I worked on a digital marketing strategy and content for the company. and concurrently put what i learned at my classes into practice. I also had the opportunity to work with colleagues from different backgrounds and countries.

Can you tell us about your second internship at BCW Group?

The summer hunt for an internship was a challenge , given the pandemic had hit the same time. Thankfully I received an email from the HKU MBA Career Development and Training team about BCW Group. The Career Development and Training team then helped me with the application to the company’s Co-Founder, helping me to land the internship at BCW Group.

The internship at BCW Group was truly an amazing experience. It was a rewarding learning process in a short period of time. I realised the importance of leadership and agility as BCW offered me a full-time position after I finished HKU’s partnership programme at the London Business School.

How did the HKU MBA programme equip you for your current role? What were your key takeaways?

There are a number of major takeaways I gained from the HKU MBA. These include time management, leadership, and the importance of teamwork. I can apply these takeaways to my current role working with multi-client teams. My clients are global and I am required to work with both external and internal stakeholders so I am grateful to the MBA for preparing me by enhancing my communication and strategy skills.