Fang Xie

Internship Testimonials

Class of 2021

Fang Xie

Pre-MBA Job Title

Executive Assistant, Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd., China

Internship Company

Management Consultant, Roland Berger, Hong Kong

My name is Fang Xie, and I am currently doing my internship at Roland Berger, Hong Kong as a Management Consultant intern. My internship will be for 6 months until August 2021. The internship has allowed me to gain hands-on experience in the management consulting industry and has helped to equip me for my future role as before this internship, I had no experience in consulting and becoming a management consultant was my only post-MBA goal. This internship will make me fully prepared for my future full-time consultant life.

My MBA journey can be taken as 2 separate parts taking place in parallel to each other – the course and career development. As an interpreter by training, I had limited access to structured business education before the programme. The course has established the business foundation for my future career. More importantly, the CDT team, especially my career coach Amy Pan, is helpful and more supportive than I ever could have expected. I began job hunting at the same time as the course started and landed the internship around November. Throughout this journey, Amy has been there at every stage by giving me guidance before and after interviews, giving mock interview prep and so on. I also found that the Networking events have been most helpful for me as I gained a lot of industry insights and career advice.