Emma Zhang

Emma Zhang

I’m Emma from Mainland China. After graduating from Duke University, I started my career in Private Equity and have been working in this industry for more than five years. Joining the HKU MBA programme was a new journey for me to further explore and improve myself, during which I also worked as a Summer Associate at one of the Bulge Bracket Investment Banks in Hong Kong. I’m currently working at a global buy-side fund, focusing on multi-asset investment.

I have enjoyed my career as a Private Equity investor, but after several years of working, I have been seeking a steeper learning curve. I decided to pursue opportunities in a more international environment that would leverage my previous work experience and expand my knowledge in broader investment areas. Hong Kong, as the financial centre in Asia and the gateway between China and international markets, was the perfect location for me. With these goals in mind, I chose the HKU MBA programme, known for its reputation and strong connections in Hong Kong, to help me achieve my objectives.

I am grateful for all the resources and support I received from the Career Development and Training Team (CDT), faculty, and staff in the programme. Even before the programme orientation, the CDT helped me assess my goals. There were a series of information sharing, company visits, coach sessions, and one-on-one career discussions during the entire programme, which helped me to better understand the HK job market, explore the area that I’m interested in, and find the gaps that I need to fill. CDT also matched me with a great mentor who provided me with valuable advice on career choices, and interviews, and offer discussion.

The newsletter prepared by the CDT was also incredibly helpful. It was through this newsletter that I gathered information about job openings and applied for my current position. I vividly recall seeking advice from the CDT teammates, Ernest and Mainy, at every stage of the interview process, and they provided me with invaluable support throughout. Despite the challenging job market at the time for our class, I am confident in my ability to achieve my goals because I did not fight alone; I had the unwavering support of a loving and supportive team.

The entire process was memorable. But what I cherish most is the friendship I built with my classmates. Since the class size is small, we are very close to each other. I enjoyed every team project and social event with them.

I chose the HK track because I know I will stay in Hong Kong for my career. It allowed me to focus more on my Summer Associate programme in Hong Kong without time conflicts and provided me with more flexible schedules with career opportunities in Hong Kong.

One piece of advice I would give to anyone looking for a career change, is that I believe being proactive is the key. Being proactive in knowing yourself and the career you are interested in. Being proactive in connecting with people and making good use of school resources. Being proactive in the recruiting process and taking action as early as possible.