Yuta Shirahata

Yuta Shirahata

I am Yuta from Japan, and I’ve always aspired to be an entrepreneur. At HKU MBA, I realized that starting a business is not as difficult as I thought. The programme offers excellent entrepreneurship classes and a diverse community of classmates, including fellow entrepreneurs who have inspired me.

I’ve initiated two projects. The first is Meta Akita, a venture I started with a classmate from Columbia University. We both came from the same rural region in Japan. Our discussions revolved around finding ways to contribute to our hometown, which is known for its exceptional agricultural products like rice, sake, and more, as well as its vibrant festivals and cultural traditions. However, the challenge lies in the distance from major cities. To overcome this, we conceived the idea of leveraging Web3 technology. Instead of physical attendance, we plan to host festivals in the Metaverse.

Currently, we are actively developing the Metaverse for this purpose while simultaneously releasing the Akita Inu NFT, featuring our hometown’s renowned dog breed. With the support of the century-old Akita Inu organization, our objective is to introduce this new technology to the countryside.

My other project, Not That Bad, is a fashion brand with a Web3 concept. By utilizing NFTs, customers can use designs to create various fashion items. We secured funding from Cyberport and are currently participating in their incubation programme.

HKU MBA provides a platform to share ideas, find business partners, and receive valuable feedback from the supportive MBA community. “Just do it” is our guiding principle, acknowledging that a perfect business plan is not necessary to start a venture.