Patrick Dietinger

Patrick Dietinger

My name is Patrick Dietinger, and I come from Vienna, Austria. I have a deep curiosity about the world, and I am always seeking new experiences and opportunities for learning.

Prior to joining the HKU MBA programme, I worked as a Senior Consultant at Capco. After completing my bachelor’s degree in software & information engineering, I felt a strong aspiration to further my academic career with a master’s degree. Through numerous conversations with friends who pursued their MBAs at prestigious institutions like Cambridge and Oxford, I became convinced that an MBA would be the perfect fit for me. I believe that the programme will provide me with the necessary skills and knowledge to accelerate my career to the next level.

Living and working abroad has always been a dream of mine, and during my travels, I fell in love with the vibrant city of Hong Kong. It took years of dedication and hard work, but I successfully secured a job in Hong Kong. The experience of moving to Hong Kong has been truly transformative and stands as one of my proudest achievements, both personally and professionally.

When choosing an MBA programme, two factors stood out as most important to me: location and reputation. HKU’s esteemed reputation and my strong desire to remain in Hong Kong made the decision an easy one. I focused my considerations solely on local universities, and after speaking with friends who pursued their MBAs at various institutions in Hong Kong, I realized that the HKU MBA was the ideal programme for me.

Upon completing my MBA studies, I have high expectations for the future. I intend to leverage the new skills, knowledge, and perspectives I have acquired to advance my career and assume leadership roles. Additionally, I am confident that the MBA network will continue to provide valuable opportunities and connections for years to come. Already, I have had the pleasure of meeting many inspiring individuals and forming meaningful friendships that have enriched my life and broadened my horizons.