Philip Ho

Philip Ho

I am Philip Ho, and I have a unique background, having been born in Guangzhou and raised in Hong Kong for over 20 years. Additionally, I spent four years studying in Canada during my youth, so it is challenging to pinpoint a single hometown. Currently, I serve as the Business Development Manager of International Banking at HSBC Hong Kong.

To define myself, I believe that failure is inevitable, but perseverance is the key to success. I view learning as a valuable tool for personal and professional growth. That is why pursuing an HKU MBA is the path I have chosen. My career trajectory can be described as a significant turnaround, as I ventured into the banking and finance industry despite my undergraduate studies in Food and Nutritional Science.

In my current role at HSBC, I am responsible for fostering relationships with internal stakeholders and external business partners. I have had the privilege of representing HSBC through public speaking engagements, such as seminars at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, online platforms, and interviews with SingTao and MingPao.

I initially joined HSBC as a Branch Trainee at the Head Office in Central, and I am proud to call myself a homegrown Headquarter employee. Over the years, I have undergone intensive training and gained exposure across various branch networks, culminating in my current position in International Banking. These experiences have provided me with a solid foundation in my banking career. However, I believe that to achieve true success, a brilliant CV and work experience alone are not sufficient. Networking and knowledge play pivotal roles in supporting career advancement, which is why I have chosen to pursue an MBA.

When choosing an MBA programme, reputation is a crucial factor. The allure of a strong and prestigious MBA alumni network also greatly influenced my decision.

Moving forward, I envision two primary paths in my career progression. The first path relates to strategy, encompassing projects and transformations. This entails providing guidance and insights, functioning akin to the brain in the human body, where instructions and coordination are paramount. Through studying for an MBA, I hope to broaden my horizons, gaining a global understanding that extends beyond Hong Kong and mainland China. I believe this can be achieved not only through theoretical knowledge but also by connecting with and learning from individuals from diverse backgrounds.

The second path revolves around people management and performance. Delivering tangible results and effectively managing and evaluating performance require sound knowledge and methodologies. Achieving success as a cohesive team necessitates strong collaboration and a team-oriented mindset. By studying for an HKU MBA, I aspire to enhance my skills in team leadership, team building, and professional performance measurement. Ultimately, I believe that reaching the pinnacle of success is far more rewarding when achieved collectively as a team rather than individually.