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The Full-time HKU MBA is an intensive one year programme with three tracks: the London track, New York track, and Hong Kong/China track.
Top MBA programme in Asia, the Full-time HKU MBA is an intensive one year programme with three different tracks: the London track, the New York track, and the Hong Kong/China track, all designed to inspire our students while empowering them to become business leaders.

The University of Hong Kong is Hong Kong’s most prestigious university, with over 100 years of rich history. HKU’s renowned faculty and distinguished alumni have been major contributors to shaping the business culture and economic development of Hong Kong and Mainland China. Consistently ranked top in all major rankings, our MBA programme attracts an eclectic cohort of the best talent and professionals from around the world. In a highly competitive global landscape, MBA students need to be equipped with a learning experience that bestows upon them a first-class education, real-world experience, and a deep understanding of international business, cultural differences, and nuances that it entails. HKU’s Full-time MBA programme is specifically designed to produce these outcomes.

Our Asia-Pacific and China focus gives students a unique advantage in shaping their careers towards becoming successful leaders, both regionally and internationally.

A series of Executive Development Workshops have been created to encourage students to fully engage in a unique learning experience while sharpening their soft skills. The series of workshops are spread across the entire academic year and will be conducted on topics that include Business Communication & Presentation Skills, Building Your Leadership Presence and Personal Brand, Problem Solving & Critical Thinking Skills and High Performing Teams & Collaborations Skills.

Course Structure

Designed by a world-class, award-winning faculty, the Full-time MBA curriculum not only provides students with a first-class experience, but also equips them with real-world knowledge and a deep understanding of Asian and international business. Tenth-time No.1 in Asia, our intensive one-year programme offers students a unique opportunity to study in the world’s top 4 financial centres and gain a nuanced appreciation of cultural sensitivities in these economic powerhouses.

The programme starts with an orientation programme and a series of networking events with their classmates and HKU alumni to create valuable and life-long connections. All students will then begin their nine-month course of study in Hong Kong, where they will take case-based foundational and functional core modules, along with electives to acquire more focused expertise on the subjects in which they have a keen interest. Throughout the one-year journey, students will participate in a series of Executive Development Workshops created to encourage them to fully engage in a unique learning experience while sharpening their soft skills.

Our unique China Immersion Programme provides the opportunity to learn about the vast diversity of China’s economy as well as the cultural differences between China’s north and south. Students will get to experience culture and business practices in Mainland China to understand one of the biggest and most important economies in the world. At the same time, our students will be interacting with renowned local companies as well as MNCs with the regional headquarters here, enabling them to expand their business networks and connections.

In their final four months, students will complete the programme with elective subjects taken at London Business School (LBS), Columbia Business School (CBS), Fudan University, or Hong Kong, depending on their chosen track.
August - March
Hong Kong
3 Terms
9 months at HKU - Asia focused core & elective courses
China Immersion Programme
Four Executive Development Workshops
March - August
Partnership programme
Hong Kong / China Track
with Fudan University
London Track
with London Business School
New York Track
with Columbia Business School

Partnership programme

In a highly connected world, it is vital for future business leaders to have a global perspective and a strong understanding of the international business culture. To empower our MBA students to be global leaders, the HKU Business School entered a partnership with the London Business School in 2006, soon followed by our partnership with the Columbia Business School (CBS) in 2007. These partnerships enable our students to get both an Asian and a global perspective, and are a manifestation of the natural synergies amongst premier business schools in the world’s three major financial centres.

Upon completion of the core modules, students opting for the London track get to spend a full semester in which they can take up to five elective courses alongside students enrolled in the London Business School’s MBA, EMBA, and Master of Finance programmes. Thus, they have access to the school’s distinguished student, alumni, and corporate networks built over more than 50 years as the best business school in Europe. Students also get to participate in London-based events, meet illustrious business leaders as part of the school’s famed speaker series, and visit leading firms in the city. London Business School issues HKU MBA students a certificate and an official transcript upon successful completion of the programme.
Upon completion of the core modules at HKU, students opting for the New York track spend a semester taking up to five elective courses alongside Columbia MBA and EMBA students. As the only top Ivy League business school immersed in the global business hub that is New York City, students get the opportunity to access and interact with the over 100-year-old Columbia Business School’s eminent student, alumni and corporate networks in New York. Columbia Business School issues HKU MBA students a certificate and an official transcript upon successful completion of the programme.

The partnerships between these three premier business schools have attracted universal praise for providing a world-class MBA experience, and creating valuable and lasting alumni networks between Hong Kong, London and New York.
The HKU MBA’s dual focus on Asia and China business renders the programme highly relevant to the wider region’s dynamic and ever-evolving business environment. For students who want to further develop their understanding of, and build a career in, Greater China, they can choose to either take up electives at Fudan University in Shanghai or complete their course in Hong Kong.

China is the world’s second-largest economy, and Shanghai is its financial capital. Students opting for the China Track will get to study China-focused electives at the top-ranked Fudan University for approximately three months in the spring. Our partnership with Fudan University not only provides students with access to all of the university’s facilities and to the large pool of HKU MBA alumni in China; but also gives them a deeper exposure to various aspects of the Chinese business world through seminars, industry interfaces, real-world projects and enrichment workshops.

Those who wish to complete the entirety of their course in Hong Kong, will get to take electives alongside our part-time MBA students, most of whom are experienced middle-to-senior management professionals at top local and regional companies. Working together with such experienced individuals gives full-time students a greater insight into the region and helps accelerate their career plans in Hong Kong.
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