Full-time MBA

Mentorship Programme

The Mentorship Programme is designed to pair MBA students with senior industry executive Mentors for the purpose of networking and relationship building. MBA mentees will proactively interact with the seasoned mentors who are passionate about providing guidance and sharing their industrial knowledge and leadership experiences to support students’ personal and professional development.
Testimonials from Mentors / Mentees
All Year
All Mentor/Mentee
Dr. Rajeev Chib (Mentor)
This mentor-mentee partnership has definitely been a journey where we learned from one another
Deb Negrash (Mentor)
My mentee was amazingly receptive, was clear on her objectives and priorities, and an inspiring person
John Siu (Mentor)
I really enjoyed the interactive sessions I have had with my mentee
Mr. Stanley Chiu (Mentor)
A good mentor is like a library of knowledge and experience, the mentees must be proactive in seeking these resources
Mr. Savio Kwan (Mentor)
My mentees' curiosity and thirst for knowledge and learning experience set them apart and I really enjoyed my interactions with them and have learnt a lot from such regular encounters
Milind Kamble (Mentor)
Mentoring is such a noble act, taking teaching to the next level. With HKU MBA, it gave me the opportunity to benefit from it
Edith Shih (Mentor)
As a mentor, I have met interesting mentees from different parts of the world and got to know them in different aspects of their lives
Blake Larson (Mentor)
Although it's been a few years since I completed my MBA, it's been a great pleasure to remain connected to the energy found in a university via a very diverse and capable group of people
Dianne Yang (Mentee)
Through our meetings and calls, I am motivated by my mentor’s passion for investments and have developed much trust and respect for my mentor
Jason Ding (Mentee)
My mentor has helped me a lot, and has guided me to think and act as a leader.