Mr. Savio's mentorship has been invaluable, guiding my personal and professional growth towards achieving career goals.
Psuhkal Mehrish (Mentee)



Job Title

Pre-MBA Industry: Test Automation

Mentor: Mr. Savio Kwan, Partner and CEO, A&K Consulting; Non-Executive Director, Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneur Fund and Crossborder Innovative Ventures International; Independent Non-Executive Director, British American Tobacco; Former President and COO, Alibaba Group; Former Senior Business Leader, GE Medical SE Asia and China, Hong Kong

It was truly a pleasure for me to work with Mr. Savio. His mentorship and guidance has been invaluable to me both from a personal as well as professional perspective. Not only has he helped me better define my professional goals, how to achieve them and leverage my strengths, but he has also been instrumental in helping guide me towards my future career goals.