Sankalp Dayani

Internship Testimonials

Class of 2022

Sankalp Dayani

Pre-MBA Job Title

Investment Director

Internship Company

J.P.Morgan Chase & Co

Post-MBA Job Title

Associate Banker

Please describe your experience searching for an internship.

I attended the J.P.Morgan Associate Program info session held on Zoom. Then I applied through the company’s website within Hong Kong associate programme in careers section.

What was the duration of the internship?

3 months

Could you describe your internship experience?

It was a high-quality programme and very well organised with multiple stakeholders actively involved in making sure we have a strong and meaningful experience, while at the same time giving us plenty of responsibilities, accountability, and freedom.

My responsibilities included:

  1. 3 main deliverables
    1. Group project with topical subject matter
    2. Team project to show out of the box thinking
    3. Presentation of Individual business plan
  2. Project assigned by cluster head
  3. Project assigned by mentor
  4. Biweekly role play
  5. Weekly investment idea pitch
  6. Meeting as many teammates and heads as possible
  7. Create visibility
  8. Material assigned by Intern manager (Daily email and videos)
What are the key lessons and skills you gained from your internship?

Role play preparation teaches one a lot about products, culture, talking points, and handling pressure situations. The internship also taught me time management, sharpened my presentation and communication skills, and gave me access and opportunities to learn about markets and investment products.

How did the internship experience shape your career path and equip you for your future roles?

This particular program is designed in a manner that the company gives you all the tools and clarity in order in order to make you a formal offer. It was very competitive therefore you must rise above the crown and differentiate yourself from day one.

The program has connected me to highly successful individuals. It has provided a strong platform for me to succeed in front of potential clients. The internship immerses you into the day to day of the company, culture, teammates therefore you know first-hand what to expect when you go in if you have a return offer

What advice would you give to current and future MBA students on how to get the most out of their internship?

Find a way to stand out of the crowd and show JPMorgan why you are different. Be genuine in your approach. Put in the time and work needed to get all work done so that you have enough time to meet people internally to make your case.