Why is Hong Kong An Ideal MBA Study Destination In 2024?

Why Is Hong Kong An Ideal MBA Study Destination In 2024?

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Strong career prospects and a dynamic commercial environment make Hong Kong an appealing study destination. Find out why you should consider studying in Hong Kong in 2024.

With a unique location at the gateway to Mainland China, as well as a thriving commercial ecosystem and globally appealing environment, each year Hong Kong attracts ambitious professionals aiming to enhance their careers. 

The wealth of towering skyscrapers that populate the Hong Kong skyline are home to leading companies across many different industries. They provide a broad array of career opportunities. 

So, what if you’re considering studying an MBA in 2024? We spoke with insiders from HKU to find out what makes Hong Kong an ideal MBA study destination in 2024. 

The Gateway to Business in Asia

For some time, Hong Kong has been considered ‘Asia’s world city.’ 

The city operates within a uniquely global context. The main languages spoken are English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, and visitors are often struck by the mixture of Western and Eastern influences present throughout local life, from the cuisine to the architecture. 

The HKU MBA programme is designed to make use of Hong Kong’s position within Asia. Modules feature case studies drawn from the Asia Case Research Centre, providing insights into business practices across the region.  

A variety of core and elective courses teach business from an Asian perspective, while the China Immersion Programme offers students the opportunity to experience life in several key cities within Mainland China. Here, students learn about the cultural differences between the North and South and gain an insight into leading Chinese companies. 

Many students also opt to enhance their immersion by undertaking an embedded China track with Fudan University in Shanghai towards the end of their studies. 

For Emma Zhang (pictured), who had several years of private equity experience in Mainland China before enrolling in the HKU MBA in 2022, these unique opportunities were key to her decision.

“Hong Kong, as the financial centre in Asia and the gateway between China and international markets, was the perfect location for me,” she says. 

A Rapidly Evolving Green Finance Hub

Hong Kong’s blend of cultures and close integration with the financial sector in Mainland China mean it has long been considered one of the world’s key financial cities, alongside the likes of New York City and London. 

But, increasingly, Hong Kong is also becoming a major hub when it comes to the rapidly developing areas of green finance and ESG (environmental, social, governance). 

Hong Kong’s location within the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA), means it is key for China’s plans for the region. The Outline Development Plan, first introduced in 2019, established a framework for the GBA that included initiatives such as pursuing green development and driving innovation.

This ensures that today Hong Kong benefits from significant government support when it comes to green finance. The city is also developing an increasingly sophisticated corporate governance framework. 

The corporate governance environment in Hong Kong is mature and effective in protecting stakeholders,” says Dr Raymond Reed Baker, HKU Adjunct Professor and advisor to firms in Asia, North America, and Europe.

“You have the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, the Securities and Futures Commission, and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, all strengthening frameworks that are not only already working in Hong Kong but will work for the Greater Bay region and the rest of China.” 

The strength of this ESG ecosystem is helping companies across a wide range of industries transition to greener business models, while also facilitating the growth of social-impact driven startups. This provides strong career prospects for ambitious professionals looking to make an impact, Dr Baker explains. 

“You have this melting pot for students, where they can find corporate opportunities, become entrepreneurs, and capitalize on the ESG opportunities, as well as the financing that’s available. 

“That’s the golden opportunity of coming to Hong Kong and developing those relationships and exploring those opportunities.”  

Top Career Prospects

Green finance is not the only area where MBA graduates can find success within Hong Kong. Developing a holistic business acumen and embarking on a range of practical experiences ensure that HKU MBAs graduate with strong career prospects.

Among the most recent graduating class, more than 90% of students secured employment after graduation. They were spread across several industries, with financial services, consulting, and technology the most popular. 

For Anvesh Varma Budharaju (pictured), enrolling in the MBA in 2022 helped him achieve the illustrious ‘triple change’ —changing industry, function, and location—after graduation. 

Previously a chemical engineer in India, Anvesh now holds a role with Puma Energy, a Swiss multinational petroleum company headquartered in Singapore. He feels the programme’s diverse curriculum was essential to his success. 

“It not only broadened my horizons but equipped me with the knowledge, skills, and connections essential for securing a fulfilling role,” he explains. 

“The programme’s holistic approach, blending academic rigour with real-world applications, has been a cornerstone in shaping me into a versatile and effective professional,” he adds. 

For Emma, the extensive career support provided by the school’s Career Development Team (CDT) played a key role in helping her transition into a multi-asset investment role with a global buy side fund after graduation.

HKU MBA students gain access to leadership talks, company visits, mentoring, and the chance to undertake internships. This provides opportunities to put their skills into practice and develop connections. 

“Even before the programme orientation, the CDT helped me assess my goals,” she explains. 

The variety of support on offer “helped me to better understand the Hong Kong job market, explore the area that I’m interested in, and find the gaps that I need to fill,” she adds. 


The majority of HKU MBA students embark on careers within Asia after graduation while some take on roles across the globe. With the opportunities that Hong Kong continues to provide in 2024, it’s clear the city remains a top destination for ambitious professionals. 

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