Priyank Gandhi

Priyank Gandhi

Prior to undertaking an MBA I was working at one of the “Big Four” companies. I wanted to transition into management consulting, focusing specifically on the financial services, and believed an MBA would help me develop the skills required to be a successful consultant. There are a number of reasons for me choosing to study for my MBA at HKU. Firstly, I wished to stay relatively close to my home, India, and studying at HKU offered me the opportunity to remain in Asia. Secondly, I felt that a one year MBA programme would be more beneficial to me than a two year programme, as I would have had less of a career gap. In terms of the global financial industry, Hong Kong is the leader in financial services in Asia. This along with the fact that HKU has the number one ranking in Asia were the deciding factors for me in the end.

I found my time at HKU insightful and enjoyable. I learnt a lot during my MBA and met a lot of new, interesting people not just in my class and university, but also along my journey in Hong Kong. The experience allowed me to look at various topics from the perspective of many different people, and I am happy to have completed my MBA in Hong Kong for this reason. It provided me with global exposure and a new international network – something I wouldn’t have had, had I stayed in India. The 3-4 months I spent in London attending London Business School as part of the exchange programme definitely helped me expand my horizons. Both universities were completely different experiences overall, each with their own unique features. Time flew by; I started my year in Beijing, moved to Hong Kong, and finally studied in London. It was truly an international experience.

I had wanted to get into management consulting for some time before applying to the MBA programme at HKU. I was working as a chartered accountant and it was necessary for me to gain a deeper understanding of business management in order for me to transition from an accountant into management. The MBA was helpful as it looked at business through a number of perspectives, and focused on specific factors such as how to expand one’s business, become more agile and competitive, develop new technology driven operating models, etc. In my current role as Manager of Strategy & Operations Consulting at Deloitte, it has certainly helped me understand my client’s problems better and helped them develop strategies around entering new markets, targeting new customer segments, and developing new product offerings. It would be difficult for me to be in my current role without having an MBA.

The two pieces of knowledge I wish to pass onto future HKU MBA applicants are as follows. Firstly, it is an intensive programme and things move very quickly, however at the same time, it is flexible and can be adapted to one’s personal needs. For instance, you can manage your schedule as you wish and choose the electives most suited to you, as well as opt for an internship with your future career aspirations in mind. Secondly, in-class learning is important, but the things you learn outside of the classroom throughout your MBA journey are equally so. Build a network, go outside, meet new people and learn new things.

Industry: Management Consulting
Company: Deloitte
Job Title: Manager, Strategy & Operations Consulting