Yoona Choi

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LEARN BUSINESS WHERE BUSINESS IS - this attracted me to join HKU MBA
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South Korea

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LEARN BUSINESS WHERE BUSINESS IS – this attracted me to join HKU MBA. Born and raised in Seoul, Korea, I have always wanted to face new challenges abroad. After 6 years of business consulting experience in various industries, I was ready to explore the Pan-Asia market where a dynamic environment exists. There was no better choice than University of Hong Kong (HKU) in this regard, considering its diverse student bodies, strong alumni network and No.1 presence in Asia.

Already having an undergraduate degree in business administration, economics and Chinese culture, I wondered if HKU MBA could offer me something new academically. The answer is “Yes!” HKU’s renowned faculty members teach classes in an interactive way using real-world cases, in which students actively participate in discussions while sharing their own experiences. Lessons learned from classmates are extremely valuable, and enrich my knowledge of many different industries and cultures.

Outside of classrooms, there are also many exciting networking activities waiting for us. These include the orientation session highlighting the HKU style teamwork, as well as social gatherings such as the parties, hiking and traveling. Personally I started language exchange sessions with classmates by learning Cantonese and Mandarin in return for Korean lessons. Such events, designed by the school or students, enable us to get to know each other and become lifelong friends. Already we can feel the team spirit of the HKU MBA community, which connects everyone regardless of cultural and professional background.

In the long-term, I would like to run a charity foundation for students with financial needs, by connecting donors with recipients needing scholarships. I strongly believe my HKU MBA experience in-and out-of-classroom will become a valuable asset in achieving my goal. This should be the same for anyone seeking career development by fulfilling academic needs or alumni network. Join HKU MBA, which will help you to get one step closer to your career goals.

Industry: Real Estate
Company: Hampton Realty & Advisory
Job Title: Licensed Realtor