Vinod Shamdasani

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Pursuing a quality MBA from a world class institution such as HKU had always been a dream.
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I grew up in Hong Kong, completed my undergraduate degree in the UK and then started my career in marketing in Canada.  Life came full circle when I moved back to Hong Kong in 2008. Pursuing a quality MBA from a world class institution such as HKU had always been a dream. The thought of managing a full-time job and an intense academic schedule initially created some anxiety – a reaction that I am sure most prospective part-time applicants browsing this website are familiar with!  However, I am glad that I took the plunge as it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I was looking to make a lateral move into a digital marketing role in another industry. The HKU MBA provided an edge during the interview process as my final round interviewer, who was also an MBA graduate, appreciated the value a Master’s education brought to the table and offered me the role.

The HKU part-time MBA is a rigorous, yet highly flexible program, that provides a comprehensive toolkit of business knowledge which you can tailor to meet your own needs and schedule. The quality of teaching and its global and Asia-specific insights are unparalleled in any part-time MBA in Hong Kong.  The courses helped me to develop a holistic understanding of the pressing issues in other business areas outside of marketing, such as strategy and finance, which will be useful in senior management roles in the future.

Earning an MBA is hard work and requires strong commitment, more so in the part-time route as you have to juggle your career, family and course load.  Yet, like everything else in life, you will only get out of it what you put in.  If you have a real thirst for knowledge and are driven to succeed, I urge you to apply. The benefits of the HKU MBA are immeasurable and will last you a lifetime.

Industry: Computer Software
Company: SAS
Job Title: Head of Digital Marketing, Asia Pacific