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I admired the opportunity to pick two EMBA programmes as electives. I did not see other schools providing such opportunities at that time
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Chinese (Hong Kong S.A.R.)

Student Story

Managing the marketing team of Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea at Mattel, Inc. a leading Toy company, the MBA programme played a crucial part in my career development into a leadership role.

Back in 2012, I was working at New Balance as a regional retail marketing manager. Upon my completion of the MBA programme, I had the opportunity to join Adidas, oversee the whole adidas group’s retail marketing, to direct the Hong Kong & Macau market by managing a team of 14 members with a huge responsibility. Truly, I benefited a lot from the MBA programme in my leadership role.

I decided to pursue an MBA programme to polish and nurture my business skills during my managerial career. Choosing the HKU MBA was definitely the right decision in view of its long heritage, international student profiles, and dynamics of the programme curriculum. Additionally, I admired the opportunity to pick two EMBA programmes as electives. I did not see other schools providing such opportunities at that time.

My two year MBA journey was really amazing. I learned a lot from my mates as most MBA students are in managerial positions, their sharp and smart mindset influenced me in different area. In the 2nd year, I was elected to be Class Rep, to represent the part-time class. It was such a good memory to organise networking events and join the sports competitions, and I thoroughly enjoyed taking part – our team actually won the Badminton tournament championship.

The curriculum helped expand my business knowledge and a lot of subjects inspired me to advance my career to an upper level. In terms of career development, I feel that the inspiration plays such an important part to be a leadership role. Working full time but studying part-time was challenging, but I could alleviate my time management skill with prioritisation and balancing work, studying and life, time management indeed a key part of being management.

Out of my entire MBA experiences, the most valuable part was networking. The HKU MBA provides affluent networking opportunities with outstanding alumni and current cohorts. I was so impressed by the deep and meaningful connections between students being so deep and meaningful. I can definitely see why HKU is considered outstanding.

I highly recommend the HKU MBA programme for those who aspire to advance their career. It provides not only academic achievement but also networking and soft skill development opportunities which other schools can’t offer.

Industry: Marketing
Company: Mattel, Inc.
Job Title: Head of Marketing, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Korea