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For me, HKU MBA is like a rich buffet. Everyone's preferences and gains are different, but we will all enjoy the feast, and continue to enjoy the long-term benefits brought to us
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I graduated from HKU MBA in 2018. The day following my graduation ceremony, I returned to Beijing for my job. I returned to my pre-MBA company, coincidentally, and got promoted to the branch in Shenzhen to be in charge of the business segment of the Greater Bay Area. I did not realise the impact of the HKU MBA on myself, but my previous colleagues did. They said that my knowledge and opinions were more diverse. In the face of adversity of some international public opinions, I gained a deeper understanding of differing cultural views and was able to distinguish these cultural differences from international competition, rather than simply dividing enemies and friends as black and white.

Colleagues also said that my network had expanded. Before joining HKU MBA, my main network was friends from my undergraduate course and in-service colleagues working in similar industries, such as finance and banking. The University of Hong Kong is well-known as a comprehensive university, both locally and internationally. As one of the largest alumni associations in the mainland, the Beijing Alumni Association of HKU brings the elite from the top ten faculties and schools together. The diversity of the circle is unimaginable. The president of the Beijing Alumni Association is one of the top executives of Deloitte in Greater China, but he is also a 60s hipster who likes to mingle with young people. This was eye opening and a totally unique experience for me.

People now say that I know how to enjoy life to the fullest. The flexibility of the HKU MBA has given me many opportunities for travel and adventure, especially during my exchange course in London, which allowed me to drive 8,000 kilometers in three months and visit ten countries throughout Europe and the Middle East. The journey fully inspired my adventurous spirit. I once drove along Van Gogh’s life in the farmland of southern France and even saw the rotating star halo in Starry Night in the countryside at 1 am. Furthermore, once my tire unexpectedly exploded along the way to Sky Island in the Scottish highlands. After 8 hours of thrills and perseverance, I finally saw a beautiful scene of nature that overwhelmed me. What is more precious than these experiences is the freedom and enterprising spirit cultivated by such a life. It is the state of MBA life that is temporarily carefree and self-indulgent, and is not constrained by work and life.

For me, HKU MBA is like a rich buffet. Everyone’s preferences and gains are different, but we will all enjoy the feast, and continue to enjoy the long-term benefits brought to us.

Industry: Finance
Company: Chinabond Pricing Center
Job Title: Financial Engineer