Full time MBA

Yiming Zhang

Yiming Zhang
Class of 2015
Beijing, China

I am proud to be a graduate of HKU MBA and it will definitely have been the wisest choice of my whole life. After my MBA, I joined AXA ART, focusing on art collections risk management and insurance services to museums, galleries, exhibitions and private and corporate collectors. As a senior manager in China, I am responsible for developing China business and report to the Asia regional head in Hong Kong. This is a new sector, an untouched sector, and a real challenge in my life. I have achieved a career goal of switching into a special and unique field in which I can make progress, sharpen my mind and distinguish myself.

Before my MBA, I had ten years working experience in Aon and focused on providing consulting services related to insurance and employment benefits for China SOEs and MNCs. At that time, I did a lot of research into which business school would be my best choice to help me enhance my international exposure and empower my idea to switch into different sectors. Finally, HKU MBA became my favoured choice because I was attracted to its culture of more than 100 years and its global exposure to London Business School and Columbia Business School. Even more importantly, I believed that, there, I could make a fundamental change for my future career.

In practice, HKU MBA provided a sound platform to help us to think more deeply about WHO/WHAT/HOW, about self-review, right direction and methodology to make us winners in our career lives. For myself, I joined three consulting projects involved with tram, aviation and risk mitigation to apply my learning directly to real work. Meanwhile, the McKinsey expert coached us to catch up on consulting logic to make a difference and I also got the opportunity to work in the regional energy & mining specialty in the Aon regional office to touch the real working culture in Hong Kong. When I studied in LBS, I got a more diversified global exposure and participated in the Zurich Worldwide Enterprise Competition and was rewarded with a place in the top 5.

If I could choose the MBA again, I would still make HKU MBA my choice. The passion and commitment that I took from HKU MBA gives inspiration and encouragement to my ideas and sharpens my life so that I face every challenge with a smile.