Part Time MBA

Steven Lee

Steven Lee
Class of 2014
United Kingdom

I was born, raised and educated in England. After concluding my Master in International Finance from Newcastle University in 2000, I joined the Graduate Management programme of Rentokil Initial. This led to me achieving an international secondment to Hong Kong in 2003 in a sales & service role. I then moved into marketing roles with Sara Lee and Heinz. Currently I am the Business Unit Director for Consumer Care Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Embarking on any MBA is a big decision both in terms of financial and time considerations. For me, the choice was obvious; it had to be HKU. For its teaching and research, HKU has a world famous pedigree, and given the still short history of HKU MBA, it is gaining huge respect and winning awards globally. In such a short space of time, it is already considered to be a “top-notch” MBA programme. It will be a very special feeling to graduate and be an alumnus.

The HKU MBA manages to increase my learning and application of Western theories on management and strategy. This prepares me for an ever more interconnected business world. With its specific focus on Asia, it can help me to be better in this century, a century often cited as the “Asian Century”. Value is added in a variety of ways. Modules that teach an innovation mindset: not just being taught what to think, but “HOW” to think. Learning to collaborate in teams and thrive across different ethnicities, ages and industries. Anchoring us to embolden our stance on ethics and integrity, values which are essential to becoming thought and business leaders in the 21st Century.

The HKU MBA was a bold statement of intent. I became conversant with and had a strong consistent track record of success in FMCG, but I wanted to move into an industry of discovery and development and provide innovative products and services that save and improve lives around the world. Having an MBA is a validation of what I can contribute. In healthcare my peers are PhD’s, doctors, dentists and of course MBA’s. It signals that I can bring a different, yet completely valid and relevant skillset to move the industry in an impactful direction.

Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Company: Bayer Pharmaceuticals
Job Title: BU Head