Part Time MBA

Emily Io

Emily Io
Class of 2013

Born in Shanghai and raised in Macao and mainland China, I returned to Macao in the new era that followed the liberalisation of the gaming industry. I spent a number of years with the Investment and Promotion Institute of Macao, built and ran the new Macao Business Support Centre, provided consultancy services to foreign investors, and worked with diplomats, officials and business people from chambers of commerce worldwide during trade conferences, exhibitions and delegations. To broaden my career path, I then decided to enter the private sector by joining one of the leading playing card manufacturers in the US. I helped to set up its branch office and manufacturing facilities and provide one-stop table solutions through product diversification, thus pushing the company to its current position as the No.1 table layout supplier in Asia. My many years of experience in business development have allowed me to travel all over the Asia-Pacific region, from Macao to Korea, the Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, India, Australia and New Zealand.

Given the business dynamics in Asia today, I decided that an MBA programme would provide me with the tools needed to envision, analyse and implement a variety of business development projects. The HKU MBA programme, which is ranked No. 1 in Asia, has proved essential in helping me to broaden the scale of my knowledge scope and giving me access to a wider professional path. I am sure that the decision to pursue an MBA at HKU will prove tremendously beneficial for a lifetime!

Industry: Gambling & Casinos
Company: Walker Digital Table Systems, LLC
Job Title: Senior Vice President of Sales