Hong Phuc Nguyen

Hong Phuc Nguyen

Xin Chào, I am Hong Phuc. Welcome to my profile!

Upon graduation from Royal Melbourne Institute of Tech (Vietnam campus), I tried different roles in real estate and local start-up companies before landing one of the six regional APAC management trainee positions in Japan Tobacco International and I later became one of its youngest brand managers. During my four years with the company, I headed a team of five, responsible for strategy and activation of its leading brand, “Mevius” and I rotated through Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

HKU MBA’s comprehensive and unique curriculum arouses my interest because it provides me with first class, real-world, case method learning and  immerses me in three different cultures which will really give me  a better understanding of  Asia and international business. I am particularly interested in the New York Track. I firmly believe the perfect East-West combination with CBS will make me a better rounded strategist.

HKU is a small, close-knit yet highly varied student body in its thought processes, thanks to which I have been able to learn from my peers and the faculty, become immersed in learning about all the critical business functions, begun building life-long friendships and made connections to the most extensive alumni network.  HKU has not only proximity to and close relationships with the top powerhouses but also an amazing career services team who have been extremely engaging and supportive in helping me land my dream jobs.

On top of coursework, I also volunteer for non-profit organisations with elderly-related causes. I am helping Hope Worldwide (to maximise their SEO and online presence) and Sau Po Aging to develop an app to connect dementia patients’ families to professional and non-professional caregivers in Hong Kong. Through these experiences, I have been given  a better understanding of local Hong Kong perspectives and been able apply my business acumen to meaningful causes to enrich my MBA journey.

I hope have enjoyed reading my profile. If you would like to connect and know more about me, please stop by my personal website at https://www.theblessedunicorn.com/.