Steve Holdener

Steve Holdener

What was your background before enrolling in the MBA?

My work experience started in 2008 as a price analyst for a British hedge fund in Switzerland. I was able to work in different positions within the Product Management Team during my 5 years with the company in both Switzerland and the UK. Afterwhich, I started working for a small Swiss asset management company which has a strong focus on Asia and the Asian Sub-Continent. I began in the group’s headquarters in Switzerland before relocating to Hong Kong around 6 years ago. I have held the post of one of the Responsible Officers since then.

Why did you chose the HKU MBA progamme?

As Hong Kong has been my home for nearly 6 years the decision where to do my MBA was easy to answer. I looked at the programmes the different universities in the city had to offer and felt that the HKU MBA held the most promise. A good friend of mine started his MBA a year before and his positive feedback about the school and the programme certainly confirmed my initial thoughts. I also believe that doing an MBA is the right choice in my current situation. I have been working in the financial industry for the last 12 years and believe that increasing my horizon and getting valueable insights into other industries will help me further evolve as a person. It also gives me additional charasteristics when positioning myself for future opportunities.

What are your expectations for getting an MBA?

My expectation is to increase my horizons, learn new things and to work on interesting projects with my peers to help further my overall knowledge base. Networking is an important element in life and having the chance to study with people from different countries and different backgrounds should enlarge the learning even more.

How is your experience so far?

Certainly the overall learning experience has been impacted with the social unrest in Hong Kong and the global pandemic. Online learning and teaching became part of our journey but I appreciate the hybrid option the university is offering its students. I enjoy and prefer being in class and having direct conversations with my peers and the professors. I like having the opportunity to contribute my views on different topics during class and I enjoy learning new things with new friends.