Marvin Tiu

Marvin Tiu

I am Marvin Tiu, from Quezon City, Philippines. As a driven logistics professional and budding entrepreneur, I am passionate about new technologies and automation while being an enthusiastic learner and strategic thinker.

Before pursuing my MBA, I held the position of Solutions Design Senior Supervisor at LF Logistics Philippines Inc. My decision to pursue an MBA is deeply personal, driven by my aspiration to broaden my business horizons, manage multiple ventures, and stay ahead in an ever-evolving business landscape. I am fueled by a thirst for new ideas, a diverse network, and a global perspective.

When selecting an MBA programme, I sought more than just education; I craved an enriching experience. The emphasis on diversity at HKU ensures exposure to different cultures, while the intimate class size promises personalized learning. Additionally, the robust career development support solidified my decision, ensuring a seamless transition to a thriving career in Hong Kong or Asia.

As I contemplated the future of business, I firmly believe that Asia will emerge as the epicenter, leading me to pursue an MBA in this region. Choosing between esteemed institutions in Singapore (NTU and SMU) and Hong Kong (HKU) was a crucial decision. Ultimately, I chose Hong Kong over Singapore, convinced that this city offers maximum value for my personal and entrepreneurial growth, considering the enduring significance of China and Hong Kong in the business landscape.

This decision goes beyond academic considerations, deeply aligned with my long-term entrepreneurial aspirations. Hong Kong and China, with their dynamic business ecosystems, stand out as the nucleus of future opportunities. I firmly believe that these regions will continue to shape the pulse of global business, making Hong Kong the unequivocal and strategic choice for my MBA journey and forthcoming entrepreneurial ventures.


Upon completing my MBA, I eagerly anticipate a profound shift in my understanding of the business landscape, uncovering fresh opportunities and innovative strategies within the Greater Bay Area. Beyond the classroom, I envision decoding China’s strategic moves and aligning my ventures strategically.

As someone of Filipino-Chinese heritage, I am excited about elevating my Mandarin proficiency. This isn’t just a personal goal, but a strategic move to deepen my connection with the vibrant Chinese market and foster cultural understanding. Networking holds a key focus in my post-MBA vision. I am eager to meet fascinating individuals and build a diverse and influential network. This network, I believe, will be pivotal in achieving my entrepreneurial dreams, offering valuable insights, mentorship, and collaborative possibilities.

Moreover, I anticipate substantial personal growth. Stepping out of my comfort zone, I aim to emerge as a transformed individual, shaped by new experiences, challenges, and diverse cultural exposures. Learning from peers, acquiring a variety of skills, and adapting to different perspectives will be the driving forces behind this evolution. Ultimately, post-MBA life is not solely about academic achievements, but about becoming a versatile, culturally attuned, and skilled professional ready to thrive on the global business stage.