Vedant Sharma

Vedant Sharma

I am Vedant Sharma, originally from Hyderabad, India. I consider myself an inquisitive explorer, passionate learner, and resilient optimist, driven by empathy and a desire to connect with others. Prior to pursuing my MBA, I held the position of Associate at 3NS Capital Ventures Pvt Ltd, where I gained valuable experience in our family business.

One of my most significant career achievements has been the opportunity to work in an environment that has allowed me to develop confidence, build character, and assume leadership responsibilities while fostering a continuous learning mindset.

The decision to pursue an MBA stemmed from several motivations. Firstly, I aimed to enhance my qualifications to unlock higher-level positions and broaden my career prospects. Secondly, I sought to gain a comprehensive understanding of business as a whole. With aspirations of starting my own business, I recognized that an MBA would equip me with the essential skills and provide a valuable network to support my entrepreneurial endeavors. Additionally, I desired to work in an international context, and an MBA offers a global business outlook while facilitating connections with professionals across diverse industries. Pursuing an MBA also presented an opportunity for personal growth, challenging me to develop leadership, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.

Growing up in a family with an entrepreneurial background, I was inspired to pursue an MBA and continue the legacy of my family’s entrepreneurial spirit. I recognized that an MBA would set me apart from my peers and equip me with the necessary skills and knowledge to stand out in my field. Moreover, I have a genuine passion for business and a desire to delve deeper into the subject matter. I view education as an ongoing process, and pursuing an MBA aligns perfectly with my philosophy of continuous improvement.

When selecting an MBA programme, certain factors were crucial to my decision-making process. The reputation of the programme among the business community and alumni was of paramount importance to me. Additionally, the curriculum offered and its alignment with my career goals played a significant role. The strength and reach of the alumni network were also influential, as I recognized the potential for valuable career connections. The location of the programme, in terms of access to industry hubs and personal preferences, was a key consideration. Moreover, the diversity of the student body and exposure to different perspectives were important factors. I also considered the availability of entrepreneurial resources and support for aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as the programme’s global opportunities and study abroad options.

Looking ahead, my post-MBA expectation is to work at a relatively large firm to gain a deeper understanding of their operations. While exploring the corporate world, I aspire to venture further into entrepreneurship, aiming to build something substantial in the real estate industry.