Madeleine Chan

Madeleine Chan

I grew up in Vancouver, Canada, before attending Simon Fraser university where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Communications. Before coming to Hong Kong and joining the HKU MBA Programme, I was the Customer Experience Lead at The Bank of Nova Scotia.

I’m naturally a people-person: I enjoy meeting new people and actively listening to their stories and learning about their backgrounds. This lends itself well to my previous role in retail banking, which was customer facing. I had to handle customer enquiries and resolve complaints on a daily basis. Despite working in a fast-paced retail banking environment, I was able to focus on each client and provide the most consistent service to them possible.

From the interactions and handling of different tasks, I was able to overcome challenges and deliver solutions in a timely manner. Ultimately, I was able to put a smile on my clients’ faces. Delivering outstanding customer service cannot be measured in a numerical format. However, I consider helping clients and seeing their continuation of business with the bank my biggest accomplishment in my career so far.

I decided to pursue an MBA at this point in my career because I would like to make a change. I am a strong believer that any changes I make in my life, either good or bad, will allow me to learn and grow during the process. Moreover, I am looking to expand my knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of the business market in Asia. Pursuing an MBA is the most appropriate way to learn from fellow classmates, professors, and lecturers from various business backgrounds.

I chose the HKU MBA Programme not only because of its history and reputation in Asia, but because the school is in an exciting and vibrant city that holds the cultures of both East and West.

After completing my MBA, I hope to leverage my professional skills, both in terms of analytical thinking and managerial business decision making skills. These new skill sets will heighten my marketability as a professional and allow me to pursue my future career further. In addition, I am hoping to continue building a strong connection with my MBA classmates, and expand my professional network.