Rohanth Aluri

Rohanth Aluri

My relationship with the city of Hong Kong began all the way back in 2005. As a ‘new’ immigrant to one of the premier multicultural cities in Asia, I had the opportunity to attend an international school –  and interact with a myriad of cultures from all over the world. I began my journey as a scrawny Indian kid who could barely speak English, to successfully graduating high school and chasing after my professional dreams. Soon after, I found myself back in India for the commencement of my bachelor degree in Business Administration (BBA) at Alliance University, Bangalore. During the course of the next three years, I had the pleasure of interning with several multinational companies including Nielsen (HK), Tommy Hilfiger, and Drew Marine. Upon completing the BBA degree I was offered a ‘Merchandising Operations’ role at the Indian branch of ‘Hudson’s Bay Company,’ a Canadian Retail MNC. As the years went by, I ensured i visited Hong Kong at least once a year, to come back to the city that helped shape me into the person I am today.


Pursuing an MBA was always a part of my short-term career plan. I elected to apply to top-tier MBA programmes in order to gain a cross-functional understanding of business management and to further build my profile with key soft & hard skills. If I was to pursue an MBA programme, I knew that it had to be back home in Hong Kong. The MBA programme at the University of Hong Kong was undoubtedly at the top of my list. The HKU MBA career services team has impressed me with their ability to constantly organise seminars, events, coaching workshops, and mentorship programmes for the students. Furthermore, I believe that class size on the HKU MBA course gives it an advantage over other local MBA programmes. The smaller class size facilitates strong alumni connections between past and present classes. I grew up idolising HKU for its academic excellence and achievements, and it’s truly been a privilege to be a part of the HKU family!

Experience at HKU

Since joining the programme, I have had nothing but praises for the way that HKU has handled this academic year, with the threat of COVID looming around us. The ‘hybrid’ class mode has been a success. Classes such as ‘Analytics for Managers,, ‘Corporate Finance,’ and ‘Strategic Marketing Management’ have been my personal favourites. The professors of most courses have been excellent educators and mentors. Extra-curricular activities have been another strong suit of the programme, enabling students to choose from a wide range of clubs and societies. For example, being a member of the ‘Marketing Club’ has provided me with excellent opportunities to collaborate with local companies. Finally, being appointed as a ‘Social Welfare Officer’ at the PGSA (Post Graduate Student Association) has been the extra-curricular highlight of the year for me.