Yujia Liu

Yujia Liu

My name is Yujia Liu and I am a creative, professional and sympathetic individual, hailing from Changchun, Jilin Province, China. I studied Materials Engineering and Japanese Arts at Dalian University of Technology with one year spent studying abroad at Hiroshima University.

After I graduated from DUT, I was hired by Sony Corporation Japan’s headquarters though Sony’s Global Recruiting Programme. After spending 6 years in Tokyo as a specialist for global sales and marketing of semiconductors and electronic devices, I was transferred from my role as supervisor at Sony Japan to Sony China, where I was Sony’s International Overseas Expatriate in Shenzhen for 3 years. This was awarded to me due to my good working performance and achievements. Since I wanted to pursue my MBA in the Greater Bay Area, I chose to leave Sony, where I had worked for 9 years, and began my career path in Shenzhen Raysees AI Technology as the Sales and Marketing Director for semiconductor chips.

In my 10-year career, the products designed by my team – which I was directly responsible for – helped win giant customers by squeezing into their sourcing pool as a 3rd supplier, even though they already had 3 qualified suppliers.

I wanted to use my professional experience of working in the semiconductor industry and transfer into a semiconductor industrial investment-related job, so I applied to the HKU MBA Programme to deepen my knowledge of corporate finance, accounting, VC/PE, and business valuation, to enrich my personal development.

Upon completion of the HKU MBA Programme, I will have acquired a master’s degree from a worldwide Top 50 university. I hope to align with semiconductor related peers and find more business opportunities by integrating into the whole industrial ecosystem. What’s more, I expect to find enlightenment, inspiration, perception, wisdom and philosophy – something which I can carry with me for the rest of my life.