Will Li
Will Li

‘It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be’, as Paul Arden’s bestseller puts it. When I began this brief profile, I wondered what message I could send to my readers that would be of value. I then realised that what I wanted to write about is confidence.

My name is Li Wei, an HKU-FTMBA student from China. I was born in a small city in Inner Mongolia and spent my whole childhood there. I am not that smart, but I believe that I am good enough. I am not the best of the people I know, but I believe that I always give my best. I am not one who is always able to do everything right, but I believe that I will be able to do better next time. Thus, I have confidence in myself and belief in my life. I believe that such confidence makes me stronger and gives me the power to succeed.

I moved to Beijing to attend junior high school, and 10 years later I graduated from Peking University with two Bachelor’s degrees. I then worked in Internet banking in Beijing and Shanghai for almost six years. In 2012, I gave myself the opportunity to begin a new journey in Hong Kong by joining the MBA programme at HKU. I believe that now is the best time for me to do so. I think management lies at the core of the MBA. Natural management sense and ability is formed through systematic training, like that of a soldier. The purpose of military training is to ensure that soldiers have the spirit to fight and survive in difficult circumstances.

Hong Kong is probably the best place in Asia for young people to live and study. It is a city for having fun, making friends and exploring the business world. It is a place to experience freedom and opportunity, but also challenges. It is a battlefield on which you can create your own legend through your own endeavours and wisdom. Certainly, HKU is a symbol of Hong Kong, and I believe that the accumulation of more than 100 years of educational experience and spirit is a reliable guarantee of quality. So trust yourself and keep going. As Paul Arden says, ‘Don’t look for the next opportunity. The one you have in hand is the opportunity.’ Good luck!

Current Status

Employer:  Oriental Patron Investment
Position:    Executive Vice President
Location:   Hong Kong