Shuhei Aoki
Shuhei Aoki

After graduating from Tohoku University in Sendai, I worked as a paralegal in a law firm for two years, managing the debts of individuals and small- to mid-sized companies and consulting on company trademarks. In the first stage in my career, I was interested in law because I believed the law is a good tool for solving individual problems. As I engaged in arranging loans, I gradually became more interested in them, particularly in structured loans, because they help companies and individuals by structuring and packaging their finances. I thus changed career tracks and began working in structured finance. I worked at a collection agency for loans and assets, where I engaged in structured finance, managing and restructuring securitised financial products.

My goal since my graduation with a bachelor’s degree from Tohoku has been to engage companies and consult with them on financial structures and solutions. During my studies, I believe that I was able to master the fundamentals of company management and finance. In addition, the opportunity to meet various business people in the programme, including classmates, alumni and those whom I met at programme events, helped me to absorb up-to-date business trends and the latest information, as well as establish precious networks not limited to business.

“Be fast”, “Be open” and “Just enjoy”. That’s it! These tenets were the essence of my MBA life at HKU and have influenced my way of thinking and working after the MBA. Insights from people I met during this experience provided me with new impetus in life and my career.

Current Status

Employer: Amidas Partners Hong Kong Limited
Position:   Manager
Location:  Hong Kong