Ronald Ng
Ronald Ng

I am Ronald Ng from Hong Kong, and I proudly serve as the Founder & CEO of MOVE IT MOVE IT LIMITED. In a concise description, I am an entrepreneur revolutionizing logistics relocation through AI, spearheading digital transformation in a family business, and unlocking new data possibilities.

As the founder of an AI logistics company, I have propelled its growth by identifying market demands and translating them into our digital platform. I have forged crucial partnerships with corporate clients and individuals, expanding our network within the logistics and technology sectors. Recognizing the transformative potential of data, I have guided our team in harnessing existing data to derive actionable market insights, elevating our decision-making capabilities and fueling our progress. Additionally, I have successfully navigated the complexities of digital transformation while keeping our long-term objectives in focus, positioning our company as a frontrunner in the AI logistics landscape.

My decision to pursue an MBA stemmed from my desire to deepen my understanding of business operations. Despite my background in civil engineering and the establishment of my own company, I recognized that an MBA could equip me with invaluable knowledge and insights that I had yet to acquire. Moreover, the prospect of interacting with diverse individuals engaged in various business ventures was highly appealing. I saw great value in learning from their experiences and sharing my own.

Furthermore, I sought to enhance my leadership skills and gain a global perspective on business practices. As I aspire to expand my current company and potentially embark on new ventures, I acknowledged the importance of honing these skills.

Upon completion of my MBA, I anticipate acquiring a profound understanding of business and management, which I will leverage to further enhance the success of my company. Additionally, I anticipate cultivating a robust network of business contacts, with whom I can maintain lasting connections and potentially collaborate in the future. Lastly, I expect that my MBA experience will foster my growth as a leader, enabling me to inspire and guide my team towards new achievements.

Overall, I firmly believe that my MBA journey will unlock fresh opportunities for both myself and my business. I am excited to witness the transformative impact it will have on my professional trajectory.