Rajendra Shroff
Rajendra Shroff

Hello! I’m Raj and here is a little about me.

I pretty much grew up in Hong Kong. I graduated from the London School of Economics with a BSc in Management and promptly returned to Hong Kong for work.

I then spent 7 years in the insurance industry in Hong Kong across finance and project management functions. I was part of the Asia Pacific regional office where we implemented strategic IT projects and transformation programmes to help our country offices do business more effectively. I also oversaw projects and other matters related to department finance analysis.

I was at a point in my career where an MBA would really accelerate my professional growth. I also believed that this was a great way to transition into other areas of financial services, particularly since a leading MBA would allow me to learn about real -world industry from actual practitioners. I saw in the HKU MBA an opportunity to forge relationships with peers and industry experts to figure out what businesses will do tomorrow and in the future so that I could be at the centre of it. Picking HKU and Hong Kong was a no-brainer since this is where the action is.

My HKU MBA is not even half done but has far exceeded my expectations. Our diverse peer group brings real insights across industries and geographies that cannot be found in textbooks. I have been exposed to exciting new areas and have discovered opportunities through MBA events that I had not dreamed existed. Most importantly, I have formed lasting friendships with people that I would have otherwise never met.

I am excited about the future.