Maven Murong
Maven Murong

After growing up in Guangzhou, China, I graduated from South China Agricultural University with a degree in Information Management and Information Systems. Now, I work for Blue Moon Group Holdings Limited as a Project Manager. I am an IT consultant, supply chain expert and father working to actualize my entrepreneurial dream.


The launch of Blue Moon’s project to implement a warehouse management system (WMS) best showcased the progress in my management skills to date. This project sought to optimise Blue Moon’s warehouse system to meet its increasing demands, especially as it introduced new management techniques. As the person in charge of the project, I had to figure out solutions to the issues, taking into consideration the company’s strategic development. For example, my team decided to use five factory warehouses as case studies. After conducting research into these warehouses, we produced 28 business procedures and 99 operating instructions to rebuild the complete warehouse management system, which proved to be compatible with not only three types of warehouses but also five shelf storage modes. Additionally, I decided to build the WMS system flexibly, integrating SAP, SNC, Ingredient Weight Inspection System and other systems, facilitating the automated online management of various offline operations. Not only did this innovation improve operational efficiency, but it also increased management precision by reducing the error rate and offering simultaneous field data support. Throughout my career, my ability to find solutions to challenging situations has not only proved an asset, but has also continued to develop, as is necessary in the rapidly transforming business sector.


The WMS project also allowed me to foster my leadership and team management skills. Specifically, this project involved eight centres and five factories in which I was responsible for directly managing a 60-person team and coordinating with more than 500 participants. During this process, I availed myself of management methods to build a high-performance team.

Firstly, I set team roles according to the Belbin team roles, adjusting my leadership style depending on the team development stages. Secondly, I obtained cross-departmental assistance and solved internal and external conflicts drawing on my knowledge of Cialdini’s principles, such as the reciprocity principle and other persuasive techniques. Most importantly, I was aware of the project risks. In order to mitigate these, I clarified target levels, established incentive mechanisms, and introduced accountability and reporting systems for day-to-day operations.

I encouraged and motivated my team members and staff in other various business departments to engage in the project proactively. This allowed us to build the warehouse management talent pool and successfully and efficiently implement the project. I am proud that my team survived the challenges brought about by the impact of COVID-19 under my leadership.

I believe that now is the right time to study for an MBA because I want to start my own business: an e-commerce platform for products that are about to exceed their shelf life and any possible unsalable products. I would also like to set up a subsidiary company which will recycle and regenerate products from different categories; a promising recycling and renewable resources company committing to the massive carbon emission reduction.

In order to transform my ideas into reality and create and manage a start-up, I am eager to add to my knowledge base and skillset through the MBA programme at HKU Business School, familiarising myself further with areas relevant to this goal, such as marketing, finance, and leadership. Moreover, I will take advantage of the opportunity to seek out like-minded partners and gain more inspiration from their entrepreneurial experiences.