Lisa Zhang
Lisa Zhang

I grew up in Shaanxi Province in the north-western region of mainland China. After graduating from high school, I went to Peking University in Beijing and started my 10 years of life in the city. I got married, set up home and gave birth to my baby girl. So I am now a 4-year-old girl’s mother who has decided to pursue her self-improvement through the MBA programme at HKU.

Before I came to the MBA programme, I majored in medical research in the health care industry. I have spent more than one third of my life now in the health care industry. I was enrolled in a 7-year long bachelor-master programme in Peking University. I had an internship at a hospital for hands-on experience, an internship in The George Institute (China) for global health, and did research work on the epidemiological aspects of chronic and non-communicable diseases, to promote individual health and public health. Also, in accordance with my current 3 years’ work experience in the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, working as a health policy researcher, I have provided technical support and consulting services directly to the central government, influencing the health policy overall in mainland China. Meanwhile, I see the opportunities arising for private investors and I think more about whether devote myself to working with market forces as another way to contribute and also gain fresh insights.

The HKU MBA experience is helpful to me. The Career Services team helps me figure out what I need to do to get to my destination. Also, I have a lot of excellent classmates, and we learn from each other, share experiences, work hard and have a really exciting time. It will all become life-long, cherished memories.

Current Status

Employer: Mason Financial Holdings
Position:   Investment Associate
Location:  Hong Kong