Lewis Chen
Lewis Chen

Brief background pre-MBA

I was a commercial banking manager at a multinational bank before joining the MBA programme. I enjoyed the analytical and relationship-based nature of banking from which I learnt a lot about doing business in Asia and China.

Why did you choose the MBA programme at HKU?

I decided to get an MBA at HKU as I wanted to build a long-term career in Hong Kong, a truly international financial centre. Hong Kong is uniquely positioned as a gateway to China and is quintessentially global and Asian at its core.

HKU Business School is a top institution known for excellence in both academia and alumni network building and is an institution built on rich historical heritage. I look forward to experiencing the vibes of the city and the business school.

What was your expectations of getting an MBA?

I believe that an MBA will really help me to hone skillsets and to become more connected to the business networks in Hong Kong.

What has been your experience so far?

The HKU MBA programme is an intense yet rewarding experience. The curriculum has been rigorously designed by professors who have rich hands-on experiences and the MBA team has done a great job in engaging MBA students with the real business world.

What impresses me the most is the way we have been able to connect with the business leaders from multiple industries in Hong Kong; I gained immense insights from the top senior managers in sectors such as retail and luxury (sectors I never had real work experience in) through the programme’s Leadership Series. The case study based approach was seamlessly integrated throughout the course which really opened up the business world.

Last but not least, the business school provides great flexibility and profound resources for the students by running extracurricular activities which is a critical part of MBA learning.