Kritika Taneja
Kritika Taneja

You don’t have to have a degree in business or a background in consulting or finance to study at, what we call in Hong Kong, the “Hong Kong University”. A look at our MBA class profile will attest to this fact.

The HKU MBA classroom is like none other. Containing over 16 nationalities, our MBA classroom has doctors, entrepreneurs, media reporters, interior designers, lawyers, and students from virtually every background. Being a non-traditional student is more common than one may think.

Why Hong Kong?

Before HKU, I was working in risk advisory in India with a boutique firm and what brought me to Hong Kong is its dominant position in the Asian market. Home of Bruce Lee, divine dim sum, lofty buildings, loftier real estate prices and – despite all those buildings — easy access to incredible stretches of great outdoors, Hong Kong remains a competitive and independent city, consistently ranked as one of the world’s best places to live and in no time, one falls in love with it. As the biggest financial hub and gateway to Chinese markets, Hong Kong helps you accelerate your career.

HKU MBA Journey

HKU MBA is pleasantly unique and enriching in its experience. We start our journey well before we start attending MBA classes. The month-long China Immersion Programme is a remarkable excursion. Not only does it allow us to study Mandarin, travel around Beijing and network with industry professionals, very importantly it allows us to build and enhance social relations with our batch mates, which one may draw on in group projects.

HKU provides flexibility to customise your study according to your career goals by choosing from a vast set of core curricula and electives, and another set of specialised electives at your partner college – LBS, Fudan, or Columbia. While developing your fundamental and technical skills, it offers you a global as well as Asian business outlook.

Having studied finance as an undergraduate and previously worked in consulting, I had never pictured myself sitting through a ‘Marketing for Tech Intensive Industries’ (MTIT) course. Gladly I did. MTII remains my favourite subject so far. The MBA is about gaining as much knowledge as possible, in courses as diverse as possible.

Apart from coursework, HKU allows you to be a part of many groups such as the Consulting Club, Entrepreneurship Club, Tech Club, and Women in Leadership. I am currently leading the Women in Leadership Club. WIL has allowed me to expand my network across various different clubs throughout Hong Kong. I have been fortunate to attend various events with women leaders from Bloomberg, UBS, McKinsey and others.

HKU MBA offerings don’t just stop here. One of the most useful is the Mentorship programme in which every student is aligned to an industry expert from their prospective career path. This allows you to gain personal guidance from your mentors and helps build your network. We have been part of several networking events, interview skills sessions, and case study sessions, preparing us for our corporate job interviews from the start.

Here at HKU, having classmates from all around the world and a spread of industries, the classroom discussions are dynamic and intellectually stimulating. There is so much to learn when you are grouped with such a variety of individuals as part of the course projects.

HKU MBA has been a remarkable journey so far!