Jeremy Jing
Jeremy Jing

I was born and raised in mainland of China. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in International Trading and Economics from Jiangxi Agriculture University, I began my career and gained over seven years working experience in the consumer goods trading and manufacturing industry in the areas of project planning and liaison with international clients from the US and Canada. Since I have a strong enthusiasm for exploring further career opportunities in marketing strategy management, and for gaining an in-depth understanding of business and an international perspective, I am eager to undergo rigorous management training.  With its renowned diploma and the fantastic interpersonal relationships which stem from its programme and which will accelerate my career improvement, the HKU MBA is my best option.

Hong Kong is a dynamic city which has prospered for decades now and is still the centre of business and finance in Asia. It has a competitive advantage in attracting business and elites from all over the world.  I prefer this environment and the familiarity with the China market, so I hope it will afford me the chance of more responsibility in the multinational market in the near future. HKU MBA is a top class business faculty in Asia and worldwide. It provides progressive teaching facilities and the best teachers from all over the world, including PhDs from famous university overseas. These established features are a pledge of the level of education and teaching quality we will receive.  Ultimately, I am very attracted by the personalized programme for each student, based on specific talents and experience, the one-to-one mentorship programme and the individual career sessions, which afford lots of opportunities to interact intensively with career development experts.

My new chapter has just begun, and it’s really a great honour to be a member of this big family. The world economy is developing so fast and there is no time to waste. There is no better way of honing our business skills so effectively in one excellent faculty. I cannot wait to compose my unique story in HKU MBA .

Current Status

Employer: LifeVC
Position:   Sourcing Director
Location:  Shanghai, Mainland China