Jasmine Chua
Jasmine Chua

I graduated from the Nanyang Technological University with a Double Major in Accountancy and Banking & Finance, after which I joined the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”) as a financial regulator.  It was a rewarding role, especially when I felt that I had defended the interests of consumers and at the same time gained the respect of the industry through our efforts to do it in a balanced way.  I also had the opportunity to discuss complex issues with senior management of banks and foreign regulators as we assessed banks’ risk profiles, risk management processes, corporate governance and financial soundness.

After 5 years of working experience, I started questioning myself on whether I was prepared for longer-term trends as we were entering into a new phase in our economic and social development.  My desire to push the frontiers of my knowledge of the business climate and of good decision-making in today’s challenging landscape and to learn from the experiences of other countries drove my pursuit of an MBA overseas.

Many people were curious as to why I had decided to do my MBA in Hong Kong, which was not a conventional choice back home.  I was an avid traveller to Hong Kong, and each time I visited this city, I was impressed by the efficiency and learnedness of its people, from the professional in the office to the waiter in the café on the street.  I had a hunch this was a place I could have a deeper learning experience in.  Now that my MBA journey has started, I have never looked back on my decision since.

HKU has a carefully designed MBA programme, which emphasises the relevance of the MBA experience set against our future career goals.  Coming out of our immersion programme in Beijing, we have learnt from senior representatives of some of the best-known firms about the opportunities and challenges of doing business in China.  Now in Hong Kong, we are hearing the latest trends in the industry and getting deep insights into careers from industry practitioners and subject matter experts through speaker talks, career sessions and networking events.  Professors also demonstrate a genuine interest in helping us frame our thoughts around business issues and case studies in Asia as they serve as our mentors and advisors in communication both ways.  The HKU MBA programme is also unique in its small class size.  It is a close-knit community, which maximises our interactions with the MBA’s career and programme advisors, promoting the attention given to every student’s development.

An MBA journey is unique to each and every one of us.  HKU’s brand and extensive networks, coupled with the flexibility of the MBA programme, has provided me with many choices.  It is hard to believe that it has only been a month into the Hong Kong experience.  HKU MBA aims to maximise the value for each student in the shortest possible time and it is up to me to decide what I want  on my plate.  I look forward to writing my own MBA journey with HKU.

Current Status

Employer: Prudential Insurance​
Position:   Manager – Government Relations​
Location:  Hong Kong