Elva Wang
Elva Wang

I was born and raised in Sichuan province. After the College Entrance Examination, I got offers both from the South China University of Science and Technology and the University of Macau. Because the University of Macau offered me a major in  Finance, and I always wanted to pursue my career in the financial industry, I chose to go to Macau.

I joined Macau Insurance Company (MIC) as a management trainee, right after obtaining the bachelor degree. MIC is a Macau based leading insurance company and a subsidiary of Hong Kong Dah Sing Financial Group. I was the first management trainee from mainland China, and also the first mainlander to have the same benefits as the locals in MIC. I joined the accounting department as an officer after the job rotation programme. I was responsible for financial reporting and analysis. I assisted MIC to achieve the best performance ever in the 2014 fiscal year. During my spare time, I kept learning about finance. I passed CFA level 1&2, both FRM parts, and was awarded the FRM designation.

Among all MBA programmes, HKU MBA was my first priority. I think HKU MBA is a good fit for me for the following four reasons.

The first is the location of HKU. Even though there are many other leading business schools in Europe and USA, I only wanted to study in business schools located in Asia. Asia is an emerging market, with Japan, China, Korea, India, and the Southeast Asia region is the new “world factory”. This is  all playing an important role in the global economy. Hong Kong has long been a financial center in Asia, and now it is widely considered to be the gateway to China. I believe HKU MBA’s Asia focus will give me a distinct advantage in building my career in the region.

The second is HKU MBA has a good reputation and expansive alumni network. I think both a well-recognized MBA brand and an Asian network can help me in switching to the financial industry. Moreover, the reputation of HKU MBA attracts elites from all over the world to take this programme. Taking HKU MBA gives me a chance to interact with those outstanding classmates, and also learn from them.

The third reason is that Hong Kong University is my dream university. I attended an undergraduate application interview for HKU, but I was not offered a place. I always want to get a second chance to study in HKU. Therefore, pursuing HKU MBA is my other chance to make  my dream come true.

Last but not the least, I am able to get used to Hong Kong’s culture and life style easily. I have been living in Macau, which is very similar to Hong Kong in some aspects, for seven years. I speak Mandarin, English and Cantonese. There is no other place that fits me better than Hong Kong. I think pursuing an MBA and a career in Hong Kong is a wise choice for me.

My HKU MBA journey started two months ago, and it has already exceeded my expectations. The China Immersion Programme not only provides foreign students with chances to get known China better in all aspects, but also serves as an icebreaking tour for all students. Compared to previous years, an additional  highlight this year is the Cantonese course. Mainlanders can take a three-week Cantonese course in Beijing Language and Culture University, and get a better preparation for living and working in Hong Kong. Our class is well diversified. My classmates are from different industries, including investment banking, consulting, manufacturing, marketing, education, and others. We share professional skills and knowledge with each other during group projects. Moreover, I appreciate the assistance of HKU Career Services team. They provide us with many useful workshops like the CV workshop and  interview skills workshops. They also hold an individual career session in which they discuss career plans with every student individually, and make suggestions based on our past working experience. I have already finished my individual career session, and found their suggestions very helpful.

Everything about HKU MBA is very good. I wish time could slow down so that I can enjoy the journey for longer.

Current Status

Employer: Generali
Position:   Internal Auditor
Location:  Hong Kong