Dr. Neeladri Verma
Dr. Neeladri Verma

After completing my master of dental surgery in 2014, I worked for close to four years with India’s largest multi-specialty corporate dental chain- Clove Dental. My tenure with Clove Dental was entrepreneurial in nature as running a dental clinic is like running a business and during this professional collaboration, I developed substantial clinical expertise and a very detailed and process-oriented approach to problem solving. I learnt a lot from my experience. However, I realised the importance of understanding the business side of running a good clinical practice and felt the need to hone my leadership, teamwork, data analysis and innovative thinking skills. The logistics of delivering healthcare services are becoming more and more complex day by day and proper business training can help doctors navigate these challenges more easily.

Therefore, for me to pursue a master of business administration was a natural progression in taking my professional experience to the next level- my first step towards becoming a healthcare entrepreneur.

I chose The University of Hong Kong MBA programme for three reasons:

1) Location: Hong Kong is Asia’s world city so yes, the location of the University was a very important reason for me to choose this programme. I wanted to be able to broaden my horizons by learning about best business practices across the globe while staying focused on Asia’s uniqueness.  HKU MBA offered me that global perspective with regional focus.

2) The HKU MBA’s experiential-learning approach: Teaching through business cases that could equip me with an understanding of real-business challenges from different industries appealed to me.

3) The cohort size and profile: I believe the small class size makes learning more interactive and the diversity helps us to understand different points of view.

Today, I am proud to be the first dental surgeon from India to join the HKU MBA family. My HKU MBA experience was extremely satisfying. The journey started on 23rd June 2018 when I met all my batch mates in Beijing during the China Immersion Programme- which was basically 1 month of learning Mandarin, getting to know the batch mates, exploring Beijing and understanding the culture, and meeting people from industries and the business world. I still think of it as the best part of my MBA journey.

The core courses and electives began in Hong Kong from the first week of August. Since then it has been a roller coaster ride with a series of interactive lectures, events and networking sessions, sleepless nights preparing for group projects, finishing assignments and other activities.  Yet the enthusiasm of the class is unparalleled and every day I look forward to the classes as I get to learn new things not only from the extremely knowledgeable professors but also my classmates.

This programme has taught me about business practices and  given me an opportunity to grow as a person.