Cristian Costoiu
Cristian Costoiu

I began my career 5 years ago after studying industrial design as an undergraduate in Germany. I wrote my bachelor thesis in cooperation with Porsche Design and worked afterwards as designer for Porsche Design Studio before I changed to a well-known design and architecture agency in Hamburg, Germany. There I got in touch with a wide range of creative fields, from product design to interior design and architecture. After exploring this industry, I wanted to learn more about business related topics. I changed my working field and started a management trainee programme at Tchibo, one of Germany’s biggest retail companies. During my trainee programme, I had the chance to work in Hong Kong for five months and I fell in love with the city’s vibrant life and culture!

When I returned to the headquarters in Germany, I received an offer to work for three years in the Tchibo Hong Kong office. At that time, I had already been accepted for a part-time MBA programme in Germany, but the opportunity to do my MBA at a worldwide recognised university made my decision easy. And this decision was absolutely the right one! Hong Kong University accepted me and a little dream became true!

My initial fears that the lectures could be too dry and too theoretical and that the workload would be extreme while studying part-time did not prove true. Rather the opposite was the case, HKU delivers high quality lectures with lots of interesting, insightful content. Students are always asked to actively participate during class, and, especially, the vast case studies are exciting and very instructive! Since HKU equips its students with many opportunities to align work and study, the part-time MBA becomes definitely manageable!

Even though just in the second quarter of my MBA studies, my biggest expectations and hopes, which are to broaden my horizon and to gain a good understanding about the international business world, are already fulfilled. Additionally, group work, assignments and case studies strengthen my problem solving abilities and foster my logical thinking capabilities.

I’m sure that the HKU MBA programme helps me to become a better decision maker and a more senior employee who can take over responsibility within the organisation. My goal with this MBA programme is to become an individual who fosters new ways of thinking and who makes an impact in either a company or in society in general.

So far, I am enjoying my MBA journey very much, not only because of the high quality education from HKU, but also because I am getting in touch with people from various backgrounds and cultures. This is a true enrichment, not only for my professional life but also for my personal life as I´m sure that I will keep in touch with my mates beyond graduation.