Chris Choi
Chris Choi

I come from an aerospace engineering background, working in Rolls Royce and GE Aviation, two of the worlds’ largest commercial jet engine manufacturers.

As an engineer, I have a wealth of experience in working on many different components and versions of gas turbines. During my time at GE and Rolls Royce, I found that many engineering decisions were either driven or overridden by business concerns.

I believe that getting an MBA from HKU will bridge that gap as well as provide insight into business in Asia.

HKU MBA offers me a unique programme, commencing in Mainland China from where I go on to enjoy the option of choosing either the New York/London/ Shanghai or Hong Kong tracks, allowing me to expand my networks. In the diverse class make-up, I can enjoy learning with and from talents from different backgrounds which give rise to varying methods for solving problems.

Current Status

Employer: Infiniti Motor Company Ltd.
Position:   Senior Analyst
Location:  Hong Kong