Chloe Huang
Chloe Huang

I gained a BSc (Hons) at Oxford Brookes University and was an M&A senior associate at EY China. I am also an ACCA member, HeartSaver of the American Heart Association and an avid language learner. I am a native Chinese speaker, fluent in English, proficient in French and conversational in Italian.

I chose the HKU MBA programme because it is a one year programme, making it a lower opportunity cost. Hong Kong is located in the heart of Asia, and is a world leading business and financial centre. Since I decide to devote myself to the financial service sector in East Asia, enrolling in an MBA programme has become a top priority. Among all potential programmes in Hong Kong, the MBA programme in HKU is no doubt the best. Its partnerships with two world-renowned business schools, London Business School and Columbia Business School, provide broader networking opportunities and a global mindset.

People in my batch come from widely different national and work backgrounds, and I feel lucky to have so much to learn from my classmates. We have formed several clubs. I am now on the committee of the Women in Leadership Club. The core mission of the club is for women and men to work together to promote women in leadership roles. I also joined other groups such as the Wine Tasting Club formed by our Part-time MBA students.

It is worth mentioning that the electives in term 1 exceed my expectations. I chose VCPE, Business Lab and Marketing for Tech-intensive Industries. Even if you have a strong finance background, you will still have so much to learn.

MBA office holds a lot of networking events including dinners, drinks, hiking, and other events. The alumni activities provided by HKU enrich my MBA experiences.