Bradley James Morin
Bradley James Morin

I undertook my undergraduate studies in the U.S.A., during which time, I also studied abroad at East China Normal University in Shanghai, China. I felt inspired by Mainland China, especially Shanghai, and returned there immediately after graduating. I went on to spend the next 7 years in Shanghai until I moved to Hong Kong to pursue my MBA.

In Shanghai, I worked exclusively for a multinational holding company located in Shanghai, Taipei, and New York City. Throughout my 7 years with the company, I worked on building value through managing human capital, generating new revenue streams, and expanding operations to second and third tier cities in Mainland China. During my early years with the company, our core source of revenue was from the education industry; however, we eventually expanded to the consulting, biotech, and trade industries. While I thoroughly enjoyed my experiences in Shanghai and building value for the holding company, I felt it was necessary to further build my value as an international business leader.

The HKU MBA came onto my radar through the Economist. With every passing year, I noticed the school climbing the rankings, so I decided to look into the programme. The connection with Columbia Business School as well as the incubator programme had me sold. Access to an amazing alumni network spanning the globe, the small class sizes and personal interaction with the professors have been just a few of the highlights of this programme. Having the ability to get to know and work with my accomplished and unique classmates has been the privilege of a lifetime.

Current Status

Employer: Minute Media​
Position:   Head of Content and Growth at 12UP​
Location:  New York