Anusha Raheja
Anusha Raheja

I have an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University, and 6 years of varied working experience.

In my first job as an analyst at McKinsey & Company, I worked with companies around the globe, from Prague to Mexico. I learned the power of data in solving some of the biggest challenges that affect the efficiency and effectiveness of companies and their people. After Mckinsey, I joined a Gates Foundation grant, Access Health International. We were trying to remodel the healthcare system in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. Following that, I joined a startup, POPxo. POPxo is a Delhi based VC funded media-tech company with 11 million unique users. As the Product Marketing Manager, I was handling marketing and growth for the company.

A leader and a manager of an organization needs to play many roles; sometimes a consultant giving solid advice, sometimes a negotiator, and sometimes a data analyst. So I felt that an MBA was a necessity and the next step in my career journey.

My last few months at HKU have been action-packed. I got an internship in a food startup in my second month here. We have had multiple career development workshops, industry sessions, panel discussions and networking events. Every week we have an exciting new event. As the President of the Women in Leadership Club, I have interacted with some of the top business leaders in Hong Kong. I have been invited to events by the American Chamber of Commerce, the Women’s Foundation and other organisations. I also took a short trip to Japan where I had the opportunity to meet some of our alumni there and learn about the industry trends.

I look forward to the next few months of learning, traveling and becoming an even stronger professional.