Anirudh Singhania
Anirudh Singhania

Growing up in a business family, I always dreamt of being an entrepreneur and doing something of my own. The choices I have made, academically and professionally, have all been in pursuit of achieving this dream.

After completing my professional qualification in Accountancy (CPA), I started working with Axis Risk Consulting Services in New Delhi, India. Axis is a boutique risk and compliance firm offering governance and risk consulting services to clients across the globe.

Axis gave me an opportunity to work across the globe on different solutions and verticals.  Working with stakeholders in Asia, Australia and South America exposed me to diverse professional and cultural outlooks and helped me understand the nuances and expectations of business operations in different international locations.

My goal in the short term after completing my MBA is to join a top management consulting firm where I will get an opportunity to assist some of the world’s leading businesses, governments, and institutions in recognizing and tackling their greatest challenges.

Growth prospects in Asia and Hong Kong being the financial hub of Asia were the main reasons to choose Hong Kong as my MBA destination. HKU MBA’s collaborations with London and Columbia business schools and its emphasis on a case-based approach to teaching were the two main factors that attracted me to the programme.

The HKU MBA experience so far has been extremely enriching and exciting. The China Immersion Programme not only gave me a chance to learn Mandarin and understand Chinese culture, but also it gave me an opportunity to know my classmates better. Only two weeks into the regular classes and I have already started experiencing the advantages of studying in a Global MBA School. I am thoroughly enjoying my learning at HKU and eagerly waiting for the remaining chapters to unfold.

Current Status

Employer: Genpact Enterprise Risk Consulting
Position:   Senior Manager
Location:  Greater Chicago Area, U.S.A.