Faculty Member

Dr. Huiyin Ouyang

Job Title

Innovation and Information Management
Assistant Professor

Huiyin Ouyang received her Ph.D. degree in Statistics and Operations Research from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. She obtained her master and bachelor degree from Tsinghua University. Before joining the Faculty of Business and Economics (now HKU Business School), The University of Hong Kong, she was a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences, Northwestern University.

• IIMT3636 Decision and Risk Analysis I/ BUSI0036 Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions I
• MSBA6014 Business Simulation

Research Interest
• Simulation analytics
• Modeling and analysis of stochastic systems
• Design and control of queueing systems
• Health care management and service operations
• Data-driven decision making

Selected Publications
• “Patient Sensitivity to Emergency Department Waiting Time Announcements,” (with E. Park, J. Wang, S. Savin, S.C. Leung and T. Rainer), Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, forthcoming.
• “Scheduling of Physicians with Time-Varying Productivity Levels in Emergency Departments,” (with F. Zaerpour, M. Bijvank and Z. Sun), Production and Operations Management, 2022, 31(2), 645-667.
• “The Impact of Emergency Department Crowding on Admission Decisions and Patient Outcomes,” (with J. Wang, Z. Sun, and E. Lang), The American Journal of Emergency Medicine, 2022, 51, 163-168.
• “Assigning Priorities (or Not) in Service Systems with Nonlinear Waiting Costs,” (with N.T. Argon and S. Ziya), Management Science, 2022, 68(2), 1233-1255.
• “Allocation of Intensive Care Unit Beds in Periods of High Demand,” (with N.T. Argon and S. Ziya), Operations Research, 2020, 68(2), 591-608.