Wonwoo Jang

Internship Testimonials

Class of 2019

Wonwoo Jang

Pre-MBA Job Title

Field Service Engineer / Project Manager, Korea

Internship Company

Business Strategy, Fresenius Medical, Hong Kong

Post-MBA Job Title

Senior Project Manager, Richemont, APAC

I graduated from Hong Kong University’s Full-time MBA programme in 2019. During my time as a student I also completed an internship opportunity at Fresenius Medical Care, the leading provider of products and services for people with chronic key failure. My role as a Business Strategy Intern was to apply what I learned from my MBA to a real business, with a practical approach. I was in charge of overseeing emerging markets such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia, and driving growth in the hemodialysis market.

I faced a difficult challenge when asked to lead and support the Cambodia team for the launch of a new product during the biggest annual conference in the medical field. I managed to overcome this challenge by using the knowledge gained from the marketing and economic courses, which helped me to set up a new marketing and pricing strategy for the product. By trying to make a link between theory and reality in the real business realm during the internship I found myself ready to take on next level challenges.

The business development experience I had during my internship gave me a broader perspective in business, especially in Asia Pacific markets. Ever since I joined Richemont APAC regional office, my previous business development skills have been applied to markets I haven’t directly experienced before. My internship also helped improve my communication skills and develop a business oriented mindset, which was a stepping stone to successfully landing my current position in Richemont.