Vaishali Goel

Internship Testimonials

Class of 2020

Vaishali Goel

Pre-MBA Job Title

Systems Engineer, India

Internship Company

Product Manager, CLP, Hong Kong

During my second semester I got the opportunity to work as a product manager intern with Hong Kong’s largest energy and utility company, CLP Holdings. Big THANKS to the networking sessions and the HKU careers team!

During my time at CLP, I worked in the digital innovation hub for a recently launched digital marketplace in Hong Kong. Coming from a technical background and having worked with Tata Consultancy Services Limited in India as a system engineer for 4 years, I knew this was the best platform for me to apply my technical skills, as well as my MBA curriculum knowledge. I collaborated with different team members to identify strategic partners, verify product fit, conduct market analysis and design product roadmaps. This perfectly aligned with my post MBA career goal, as it helped me build on my management, problem solving, analytical and people skills. I will always cherish my time at CLP, where I had the chance to meet so many different people with diverse cultures and backgrounds. Our weekly lunches where we got to know each other’s families and aspirations. My failed attempts to learn Cantonese, which I never felt was necessary. I enjoyed our weekly lunches where we spoke about each other’s families and I attempted to learn Cantonese.